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  • WD A and B wagons Beta
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War Department Light Railways
A & B Class Wagons

By Mike Wilson “Weasel Works”

This is my first upload for Train Simulator 2015, and my first content upload since Rail Simulator.
It’s nearly finished, but still misses the cargo loading feature – and some tweaks. This file therefore constitutes an open Beta. I’d value your feedback: Feedback Email

By 1916, it had become evident that the war on the Western Front had become a battle of attrition. There was a continuing need to move supplies and ammunition to the front lines, so the War Department began a massive effort to create a network of light railway lines from the standard gauge railhead right up to the front.

The A class open wagon was the first design ordered in 1916, but it was quickly found to be too small for use in ‘main line work’ and quickly fell out of use. The A wagon came in two main varieties – fixed sided wagons, and a version with removable sides.

The bulk of the A Wagon were recycled as the basis of the C class wagon – which used two underframes as bogies, as well as reusing the removable sides. (Which will form the basis of my next release.)

The B wagon had the same underframe as the A, but the body was 2 feet longer inside – allowing loads of greater volume to be carried – but still keeping a maximum load of 3.5 tons.

When delivered, the wagons would most likely have been in an overall WD “Battleship Grey” scheme. As will be seen, my versions are much more weathered.

This package contains variants of the A and B class wagons. They are nominally to 2’ gauge, but my steamroller wheels look perfectly fine running on 2’3”. Contents are as follows:
A Class
These wagons are numbered in the 1xx series.
  • Fixed sides
  • Ends Only
  • No Sides
  • Bolster

B Class
These wagons look very similar to the A class, but are 2 ft longer overall. They are numbered in the 2xx series for ease of reference.
  • Sides Fitted
  • Ends Only
  • No Sides

Known errors
I know there are still issues with this project, but I’m pleased to have got this far!
• Couplers look odd.
• No Cargo

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This contains coupling assets made by Richard Maxted. You will need to download his skips in order for the couplers to work.

Conditions & Licence – PLEASE READ THIS
For freeware that you develop for yourself or for release as freeware on any website or system, you have an absolute and total right of ownership.

With the exceptions noted above, this is totally freeware. It does refer to the generic Railworks wagon sounds and people but these are unmodified. You may use it, clone it, modify it, rebadge and rebrand it. You may reverse engineer this asset.

It may not be used in routes for which payment is sought or in other ways that might be thought of as commercial. I reserve absolutely the right to determine what is commercial in this case. Charity - ware is commercial but is likely to be granted access.

If you value my work, I encourage donations to the War Office Locomotive Trust – who are making excellent progress toward restoring Hunslet HE1215 to running order.

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