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Branch lines to East Grinstead DT_v3b
Created by LgK Russell

After completing the Bluebell railway route I decided my next challenge was to create the Middleton Press ‘Branch lines to East Grinstead’.
.I was fortunate in discovering the 'National Library of Scotland' web site and the 'explore Georeference maps', which cover the whole of the UK Thes 25” maps showed all the track layout and combining that with the gragient diagram had no problem in extending the line to Ardingly and Haywards Heath (proposed extension to the Bluebell Railway)
I didn’t have the luxury of gradient diagrams for the line from Three Bridges to Tunbridge Wells West, but fortunately managed to acquired three volumes of J.T.Howard Turner 'The London, Brighton & south coast railway' though it wasn’t as convenient and more time consuming I was able to extract line gradient information. Combing this with the above 25” maps meant I could made a reasonably accurate recreation of the line .
Provision was made for double track throughout, though only single track was laid between Ashurst junction to Three Bridges and from Horstead Keynes to Culvert Junction (Originally Barcombe Junction). I decided early on to have double track where possible as I find it slightly more interesting when encountering oncoming trains in the game. With the amount or development along this route since its closer I'm sure a double track would have been require, hay ho.
I have reinstated all the goods yards even those at Lewes, East Grinstesd,Royal Tunbridge Wells West, Oxted plus the upper level platforms at East Grinstead at the expense of the now supermarkets that now occupy these sites. All the goods yards along this route are as shown on the 1914 Os 25", apart from those on the original Bluebell line.
There has been talk about reopening some of the lines and from walking most of them it looks possible, even into Lewes via a long abandoned railway at Hamsey which could join into the existing Keymer Branch, however East Grinstead east to Brockhurst and Grange road no way. Even connecting to Three Bridges would be a problem.

The route goes from Godstone tunnel (M25) and Oxted in the north, south to Lewes, then west to Haywards Heath, in the west from Three Bridges to Royal Tunbridge Wells West in the east, with the north south cross line west of Groombridge between Ashurst and Eridge stations.

There are some track only stretches from Three Bridges west to Crawley and south to Haywards Heath. A road shows the Branch line from Eridge to Barcombe Mills, (possible next project) but this isn't included in the Branch lines to East Grinstead and one has to stop somewhere doesn't one?
The BathTemp track rules have been replaced with the Settle to Carlisle track rules.
The line is not electrified


Ensure you have the following

Routes :-
Steam -Brighton Main line
" -Settle to Carlisle (Track)
" -Kuju RailSimulator
" -Bath_Temp (Track)
" -Falmouth Branch (Signals)
" -Riviera line

My Route Assets

Branch lines to East Grinstead DT_v3b Buildings asset.7z
Branch lines to East Grinstead DT_v3b Clutter asset.7z
Branch lines to East Grinstead DT_v3b station asset.7z
Branch lines to East Grinstead DT_v3b structures asset.7z

NB:-The Assets for this route will Installed into the RailWorks\Assets\Bluebell Railway\********, directories.

BranchLine to East Grinstead DT_V3b.7z
Extract the files as usual. Don' worry if you have the old version of Bluebell Railway as this will have a different file name. Install the BranchLine to East Grinstead DT_V3b route.rwp file, using the package manager in the Utilities.exe program found in your steamapps/common/railworks folder.

Leslie Russell

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