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Swan Hunter Trip
A scenario for North East Rails.

Take charge of a local goods trip working along Tyneside's Riverside line. Your shift starts at Tynemouth where your train was stabled to await the arrival of Gateshead's 08 148 to work the turn. You have inbound traffic for Swan Hunter sidings, Sheperds's scrap yard and Carville goods. Outbound traffic awaits at both Swan Hunter and Carville.

This scenario came about as an excuse to explore the Riverside line in North East Rails. I was intrigued by the possibilities offered by the various extant sidings and trackwork along the line, by the close proximity of the Tynemouth line running alongside for much of the way and by what I had seen of the scenery along the line. After a few false starts I decided that the working depicted in Swan Hunter Trip was the best way to exploit both the shunting potential of the track layout and the AI potential of the Tynemouth line while also providing the player with ample opportunity to simply enjoy the view.

This scenario makes no claims toward authenticity. I have no idea what the working arrangements for, or traffic flows along the Riverside line or the staithes at Percy Main were in the seventies. Nor do I have much idea as to the local DMU workings around the Tyne loop, beyond that they were worked by two car sets. All that aside, I'd like to think that the scenario is reasonably true to both the time and the location that it depicts but if there are any real howlers then I'd appreciatte having them pointed out.

We start with a straightforward run from Tynemouth along the Tyne loop to Percy Main. Get a feel for your train and how to keep it under control within the 15mph limit imposed by your loco for the day but dont forget to keep an eye on the signals.

Leaving Percy Main we join the Riverside branch for the run down to Carville. Put your train handling skills to good use while enjoying the scenery and keeping an eye out for any AI traffic on the Tyne Loop.

At Carville you will shunt and run-round your train before leaving it stabled while you propel some wagons down to Sheperds scrap yard at St Peters then return engine first. Enjoy more of the scenery along with the unusual views afforded by a propelling movement.

Once back at Carville you will split your train and shunt the sidings at both Swan Hunter and Carville goods. Watch the steep grades in and out of Swan Hunter yard and take care at Carville to pin down the brakes on any wagons you leave in the sidings. You'll likely be too busy shunting to see much of the AI traffic that is around.

With all the shunting done it's time for the final run with the outgoing traffic back up to Riverside Junction at Percy Main.

I've tried to keep payware assets to a minimum. You'll need the original RSC class 31 and the original class 101 (currently unavailable).

Getting AI timings right is always a bit of a black art, All the more so for a shunting scenario that comes in at over an hour and a half in length. All timings are based upon keeping to your trains 15mph speed and shunting in a brisk but not breakneck manner. Those who dont enjoy shunting and simply want to have a look at the Riverside line may want to call it a day either at St Peters or on the return to Carville.

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