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Maximum file size for uploads: 512M. To upload larger files please contact an administrator.
Forbidden file extensions: asp, cgi, dhtm, dhtml, htm, html, jar, js, php, php3, pl, sh, shtm, shtml

Please choose the highest option you are comfortable with. The more relaxed the license conditions the more people will be able to use your creation!

Once uploaded you can relax the license conditions by moving up the list above (i.e. you can change from "Personal use only" to "Free to use in non-commercial projects only"). You can't increase the restrictions (i.e. move down the list).

Please enter any custom license conditions you wish to apply to this upload. Please keep restrictions to a minimum where possible.

If this box is left empty you can add custom conditons at a later date. Please do not abuse this ability. Once some custom conditions have been saved you will NOT be able to edit this box any more. If you need to edit the conditions you will have to contact an administrator.

Why would I choose this?
By agreeing to never delete this upload you allow people to have confidence that it will always be available. For things like scenic assets used in freeware routes, removal of an asset can make a route unusable. Please consider checking this option.

What does it actually do?
By choosing to never remove this upload the ability to "Delete" it will no longer be available. You can still upload new versions but this version will always be available.

If the image is bigger than 400 x 300 pixels then it will be resized and a link created to the original.
The uploaded image MUST be smaller than 5 Mb.

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