Quick Drive - AI Probabilities

Quick Drive - AI Probabilities

Postby brysonman46 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:43 pm

Just getting to grips with producing QD scenarios for our LivMan BRBlue route (version 2 will be published during the coming week). Whilst placing a number of AI Spawn points, and setting up suitable paths and consists at them I am finding that the probabilties of them actually spawning does not tie in with the sum total probability set at each spawn point. So if there are 10 spawn points, each with a probability of 0.5, then, on average, one should expect about 5 AI on the scenario. I am lucky to achieve 2 or 3. In fact, having tried setting each spawn point to a single type and a probability of 1 (so 10 AI should spawn), I am still only getting 3 or 4. What am I doing wrong?
In Richard Maxted's excellent tutorial on the subject, he suggests making a QD in one direction, then cloning it and swopping the Player Spawn points to the other end. That works, but when it comes to the AI spawning, you cannot just swop the tracks and repoint the arrow, and then change the path. For some reason, the original spawn instruction are obeyed!
Help appreciated

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