Custom cubemaps, RGB speculars?

Custom cubemaps, RGB speculars?

Postby TrabantDeLuxe » Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:23 pm

Hi there,

Twofold question here, aimed at making metals more metallic. As most of us know, TS has a couple of shaders with a cubemapped environmental reflection. The ones with 'env' in their name. Most of you will be familiar with TrainBumpSpecEnvMask.fx. Normal procedure is to chuck a 'placeholder' texture in the env slot, which the game replaces with an environmental cube map in real-time. For those who are curious, I believe this cubemap is found in Railworks/dev/

Question 1: Would it be possible to use custom cube maps here? For instance, for gold one could have a yellow-tinted cubemap, enhancing the colourised reflections that gold has.

Edit to answer the above: I tried changing the cubemap in the /dev folder, causes a crash. I'm guessing DRM kicking in?

On a related note, maybe I haven't looked enough, but does TS have any RGB specular shaders? A RGB diff + RGBA spec/gloss + RGB normals shader would be very nice to have.

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