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Postby BigVern » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:01 pm

Just bought this to try (with the balance after refunding a couple of lackluster DTG DLC's). It's not actually too bad, making allowances for it being TML and Aerosoft. Basically combines OMSI but with the map expanse of ETS2 etc. Based on Unreal 4 engine - found I had to turn the gamma way down to get a decent contrast so it's not just TSW that has issues with the game engine. Had to turn traffic levels very low as the AI is not that bright and traffic lights change up and down very quickly so you get stuck in the queue...unless you weave round. In Realistic mode you have to set up the various onboard services such as Wi-Fi and make sure the air conditioning is outputting a pleasant temperature.

Regionalization. Most of the dialogue seems to be in German with subtitles, though the odd bit of English can be heard. The default keyboard setup also uses some German characters not present on an English keyboard (the aircon...) so need to be changed.

The bus handles reasonably well though I suspect the physics are more on the arcade side than realistic. Steering round corners with a gamepad can be a bit jerky and will likely elicit complaints from your passengers.

There's only a couple of buses included in the game with a double decker coach another £10 or so as DLC (will wait for the next sale for that one).

Overall as I say quite enjoyable after taking the above into account. Hoping the map will get expanded and someday there will be a UK version to which a Bristol RELH can be added, complete with authentic Gardner engine sound.
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