TSD Clan Meetup. Make it so.

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TSD Clan Meetup. Make it so.

Postby Nobkins » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:10 pm

Ok everyone. My encounters with players has so far been minimal in game. Not even had a fight yet with anything more than AI.

Would anybody like to try and meet up and have some human interaction. We could try to tackle larger missions together etc etc or if you are trading I would happily try to assist with protection. Not saying I am any good at it though :D

We just need to decide on a place to meet and a time.

I am in Federation Space in the vicinity of where I started around "LHS 3447". I am afraid I have restarted a few times as I am playing in my own version of Iron man mode. If I get killed then I delete my save rather than claiming my insurance and start again.

I play most evenings.

Anybody want to try and hook up?

If we are not already "friends" in game then Just add me "Nobkins".


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