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Postby BigVern » Fri Aug 14, 2015 8:14 am

I'm not sure if GTA fits the paradigm of a FPS (Rockstar did add a ist person perspective for the PC version) but I can recommend it so long as you're not averse to the adult themes.

Of interest this time round, is that Rockstar have paid particular attention to the rail systems, with both a "heavy" freight railway (essentially an elongated oval around which several trains lap) and a light rail/Metro system within Los Santos itself. You can ride the light rail as a passenger by boarding at any station. The freight trains are a bit trickier as you need to jump on board while passing, one of the well or flat wagons best suited, then you can walk up and down the cars including to the front of the loco. The railway system is somewhat more realistically depicted than in previous GTA's, with yards and sidings full of boxcars and wagons at various locations. I firmly believe Rockstar must have a train simmer or two on staff.

In the vanilla game, it's not possible to take over and drive either of the rail operations but apparently there are mods out there to change the vehicles so they can be driven by the player.
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