Duchal Moor (WIP) Screenshots

Duchal Moor (WIP) Screenshots

Postby BigVern » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:18 pm

Almost ready for release is this narrow gauge project based on the old Duchal Moor grouse line in Scotland. If you ever chanced to look at an OS map to the hills west of Glasgow and south of Greenock you might have noticed a small cluster of railway lines unconnected to any other railway system. That was the Duchal Moor Railway. Newer maps no longer show the complete extent of the line.


This version is built in Trainz TS12 Version 49922 and uses built in assets or those from the DLS.


Continued in next post...will also try and post some night or gloomy weather shots.

I have a bit more route proving and snagging to do but hope to get the route on the DLS by Sunday at the latest.
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