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Re: T:ANE is here

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 12:41 pm
by BigVern
It's just great that it enables you to actually sit a gaming laptop on your lap, or floor, or bed or desk or whatever, without the poorly placed vents getting choked up and causing a meltdown.

The blue light is quite cool, too.

At the moment just trying to organise my developer thoughts as to which sim to use for which type of route.

Trainz (pre-TANE) certainly has the edge for narrow gauge.

MSTS for tram stuff.

RW-TS for heavy rail.

The problem I see at present though is RW approaching its annual upgrade so while hopefully nothing will break it does raise a question over starting anything major in case it does. MSTS is now really knocking on a bit and although I've had a few dabbles over the last couple of months I can't quite convince myself the end result will be proportionate to the work put in. Most of the residual support for UK based stuff is at UKTS and a pretty please message to re-activate my forum membership (I did leave voluntarily) has so far gone unanswered. Then of course in the longer term DTG will likely switch to UE4 and although all the indications this will be as a separate entity to the existing product, which will continue to be fully functional, it would be nice to see official confirmation to that effect.

Re: T:ANE is here

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 7:35 am
by BigVern
The colling pad has made enough of a difference to temps that I'm prepared to work on a short test route (Rothesay and Ettrick Tramway in a modern setting as Rothesay Metro!). Performance does seem dependant on what assets you use, a sleeperless tram track from @TS2010 era has much less of an impact than the new procedural track.