Win 10 1903 Update

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Win 10 1903 Update

Postby BigVern » Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:41 am

If you have a PC with more than one hard drive, tread cautiously before installing this update when M$ offer it.

I applied the update then found my secondary "E" Drive was getting all sorts of access errors, I/O etc. No amount of Chkdsk, defrag or even a reformat could eliminate it. I even went out and bought a new 1Tb HDD, swapped out the old one and the same problem persisted. In the end, I rolled Windows 10 back to the previous version (you get 10 days to do this) and everything works okay once more.

Other people reckon they haven't seen this issue so don't know whether mine is an odd case. The core PC (mobo etc.) is around 6 years old so maybe there is a compatibility issue between the code in 1903 and my BIOS/hardware drivers. The worry is, M$ make it clear support for existing Win 10 versions will end in a few months which leaves the stark choices of not being able to get OS/security updates, not being able to use my secondary drive or going out and buying a new PC...
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