Use of Dummy Yard signals

Re: Use of Dummy Yard signals

Postby Carinthia » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:57 pm

FoggyMorning wrote:I've always shied away from dummy signals, at the risk of massively and unprototypically oversignalling yards, for the simple reason that I've never figured out how these signals are supposed to convey to the player whether they have the road or not? Are two aspect semaphore bushes a thing? :P

It is a long time since I have done any serious editing but I used "dummy yard signals" intensively. I don't see their provision as un-prototypical, not do I see any need for "real" drivers to obey them. You can bury their little one-aspect bush below ground if you wish. I think somebody on here made a completely invisible one a few years ago but personally I preferred the little weed there as a marker/reminder to me that I had remembered to put one in!

As I see it their purpose is to solely to serve AI traffic. If you have a large yard, separating each siding off by having a DYS at each end will avoid all scheduling errors showing consist clashes and will allow several trains in the yard at once. It will allow, for instance, a shunt to take place and when (and only when) the shunt has reversed clear into its destination siding), another train might depart on its journey.

If you don't follow me, a look at Mottram on the original Woodhead route will show you what I mean.

They can be used in other places too, and allow the total elimination of all those "static consist errors" that appear in the scenario editor, ensuring a collision-free scenario.

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