GD Banner Signal Andis Script

GD Banner Signal Andis Script

Postby Auscgu » Thu Mar 05, 2020 1:15 am

GD 1958 require both upper and lower quadrant banner signals.
I cant find any suitable banner signals with both upper and lower quadrant with lamps.
Having played with several existing banner signals and trying to script them has wasted a lot of time with no success.


This has lead to the GD1958 Banner Signal Project.
My current progress is a post and banner casing in the game with clear lens.
I still have to do the upper and lower quadrant home and distant arm animations.
Sort out the rear lens and lamp emissive texture and glow to represent a lamp light.


I still need to script the signal and currently thinking to use the standard Andis script as there is no suitable banner script available. If no better alternative then the banner signals will be created as CoAct arms for the signal ahead.
Similar to the Devonport semaphore repeater.
This will be a pain as you have to reference the two heads into the correct position but does achieve the correct working.

If these where converted to Kuju or similar I would need some help as signal scripting is beyond my experience at the moment. I would like to create the electric lamp style as well as the model is very similar and not to hard to complete a set of Lamp and Elec Light styles in Upper and Lower quadrant.

The current shadders are Texdiff for the scenic texts and AddTexdiff for the lens.
I have a texture for the post and a separate texture for the Banner.
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