Signal Issues with AndiS Scripts

Re: Signal Issues with AndiS Scripts

Postby Auscgu » Mon Dec 20, 2021 6:37 pm

AndiS thanks for the info.
I have given the increased prep distance a try and not having any luck with the coding.
Trying to code the signal type, speed and prep distance is not working.
If I make this change I would have to do every home or outer home signal and test.
I think the best approach is to explain the rule and get people to work with it.
I have set 15 mph as the clearing speed as the default.
The default distance I believe is 200m.
In a couple of places where the grade is very steep I will raise to 20 mph
Thanks Ausc.
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Re: Signal Issues with AndiS Scripts

Postby AndiS » Mon Dec 20, 2021 9:59 pm

It should be $~30=400 for 30 mph anywhere up to 400 m in approach to the signal.

I guess the stumbling block is the use of the properties table. I never foresaw such a combination. Or did I? Not that I can remember.

First thing I would get rid of the f for link 1. No one needs it anyway. With a blank line, you stand some chance to get more attention for what you put in the config string. No promises but some hope.

Funny how I find myself in the situation that DTG are in :- if I were to change the default behaviour, it would influence all the scenarios out there. Not that I get the time to do it anyway, but you could wish for something like double speed and sensing range for link 1, assuming that is the straight track. But this link 1 convention is not followed by all route builders. Good excuse for me then.
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