My offer of help to export sketchup models

Re: My offer of help to export sketchup models

Postby Pauls » Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:38 pm

Because I don't have Sketchup Pro I use Vivaty Studio to convert from Sketchup 7 to 3D Studio Max 7........

Export Sketchup 7 to Google earth KMZ format - open Vivaty Studio - import kmz, save to fxw, then export to VRML wrl format - Open 3D Studio Max - import wrl - select the NON-mesh objects and delete - select each mesh object in turn - weld vertices, set pivot position and select Align to World - Reset Transform and Scale - Apply an X-Form Modifier and collapse the stack. Name the object according to RW principles and apply a Kuju material. This process carries the Sketchup UVW texturing across to 3D Studio Max.

Just keep asking lots of questions - its easier than it sounds in writing.

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Re: My offer of help to export sketchup models

Postby dazzharvey » Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:20 pm

Thank you Paul. I'll maybe give that a try - I know Google released Earth pro on a free licence recently so if they ever do it with Sketchup pro since they have Setchup Make out now then I'll be on that like a tramp on chips :D

Cheers guys. I'll let you know how Angus turns out :D
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