Lofts and Population Geometry

Lofts and Population Geometry

Postby SteveP_trains » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:11 am

I am having a nightmare trying to work out what is wrong with a simple loft and placement of Start/Mid/End geometry assets
I have made Track lofts with no problem so am quite happy with the lofting process and for these simple Wall assets I am using the "invisible loft" spline and hanging the assets off it as the population geometry. (Simply because I have some more complex lofts to make and assets are easier to texture)

However, when I use the lofts in-game I keep getting gaps when I lay the loft in a non-continuous stream ( by that I mean.......... lay, left click, lay, left click and the right click to stop)
The screenshots show what I mean

I have tried every combination of start/end/rotation of end and placement of the asset origins of the 3D objects (middle, end face) but cannot get around this gapping.
Any help really appreciated before I loose all my hair!!!

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