Home, Distant, Banner Repeater Signals with Andis Script

Home, Distant, Banner Repeater Signals with Andis Script

Postby Auscgu » Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:20 pm

I have worked through the Andis Reference and User Manuals looking for a solution for Repeating Signals.
Having tried a few option with no success I though sharing this would be interesting.

The Reference Manual shows a list of code core but is not a complete list
I found FP Splitting Banner Repeater.out which may be used for Banner signals

8.2 Reference to code core
This line starts with require and gives the path relative to the folder in which Railworks.exe is installed. The following files are referenced for the various types of signals (only one in each script):
FP Universal Semaphore.out Semaphore stop signals including independent disks
FP CLS Stop Signal.out CLS stop signals
FP Semaphore Distant Script.out Semaphore distants
FP CLS Distant.out CLS distants
FP Facing Disks.out Dependent disks and their light signal equivalents
FP External Disk.out Collocated disks
FP External PLS.out Position light call-on heads
FP External Node-based Indicator.out Indicators working by lighting nodes in their shape
FP External Text-based Indicator.out Indicators using a Texture Set

In the G Table we use some of the values below
Refer Reference Manual 8.4.1 Semaphore stop signals

8.4.1 Semaphore stop signals

The list of possible values for the second dimension is expanded from the default as follows.
ARM_HOME stop arm
ARM_COACT co-acting arm or ballast weight or whatever
ARM_CALLON call-on or shunt-on arm
ARM_WARNING warning arm (for warning arrangement)
ARM_DIST1 the distant arm for doll 1 ahead
ARM_DIST2 the same for the second doll ahead
ARM_DIST3 to ARM_DIST5 for distant arms 3 to 5
ARM_DISTANT equals ARM_DIST1 for backward compatibility

I am curious about the ARM_WARNING function and would this be appropriate for use with Repeating signals
The rest we use on a regular basis

What is the correct way to configure the Repeating signals with Andis scripts?

What is the intended function of ARM_WARNING?

I am using both J Yelland and A Brailsford Assets which is based on M Brinton arm naming format
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Re: Home, Distant, Banner Repeater Signals with Andis Script

Postby AndiS » Sat Aug 24, 2019 8:55 am

ARM_WARNING is for a small arm to facilitate the Warning Arrangement whereby a train is admitted into a block where the overlap at the end is not clear.

For repeaters, try inner distants. I confess to have some half-done repeater script somewhere. Completing it stalled 2 or 3 times over the years. It must soon be 12 months since I last fired up RW alias Train Simulator. This is mostly the fault of my job, but also the fact that you built up tons of complex work-arounds to compensate for design flaws. Taking this energy to UE4 sounds like the future, but we all know that we know nothing about that future. So I did look back into RW but that petered out last winter or so.
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