Precipitation in Passenger Views

Precipitation in Passenger Views

Postby Heiko » Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:41 pm

A few days ago someone pointed out to me that raindrops were visible inside of a interior carriage model I built recently as part of a carriage pack and sent him for beta testing.
When I finished the model in June, I already did tests at different times of day and year using different weather models on different routes. And I am very sure that there was no rain in the interior at that time. Furthermore, the interior model of my "Umbauwagen" carriages which I developed a few years ago, are used by many users since then, and until now I have not received a single note about rain inside.

Another observation: the precipitation is only visible from a distance of about 5 m from the interior camera. Therefore the problem is not noticeable either in small compartments or in the cab of locomotives.
Anyway, I've never noticed this problem before. My guess was therefore that the phenomenon was new. However, other users, who are more than experts, say that the problem has always existed with all vehicles. Should I have really did my testing so inaccurate back then that I and nobody else noticed it?

Another assumption was a connection with the AP weather, but we could already rule that out...

Am I completely on the wrong track or has any of you made similar observations?
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