GD1958 Route Indicators

GD1958 Route Indicators

Postby Auscgu » Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:26 pm

The Route Indicators for GD1958 required two types.
The Standard Cash Register Type is currently based on the EK Indicator asset.
The EK Indicator is suitable for Wood post and has levers inline with the post.
We would like to create a stand alone indicator with detailed brackets to Suit Wood Post & Dolls, Tube Posts & Dolls as well as Gantry's
The Narrow Route Indicator was for Call_On Arms to show Call_On or Warning
The Indicator has a C or W board.

I would like to build the Narrow Indicator with Blender and need some advice on how the EK Route Indicator has been created.

The Indicator when Placed in the Route shows the scenic item without the default 0 board showing.
The Lamp is in the Scenic Blueprint and appears to have a lamp which displays a light.
The Board Textures have been created in a Textures folder with its own .xml to allow configuration as you configure the route indicator and signals.

The Scenic asset uses AnimSceneryBlueprint
Would the lamp Lens be just a visual asset with a Emmissive Glow?
What Shader to assign?

The Textures appear to follow the Train Decal format
No .xml file is used to assign the textures as they are a NamedTextureSetBlueprint.
Named TextureSet Blueprint is not a standard option in the BluePrintEditor?
The Textures glow at night and show a text during the day without the light.
What would be the best shader to achieve a Emmissive texture that will work for both day and night.

I would like to follow the format used by the EK Route Indicator.
The next phase will be a new Standard Route Indicator so we can detail the mounting and levers.

Appreciate you thoughts and support in this project.
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Re: GD1958 Route Indicators

Postby AndiS » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:59 pm

My simplistic answer to all signal lights is the Tex shader. That one is "unlit", which means it does not care about lighting conditions. It is as bright in the night as by day. It may well look overdone if your background is plain white then. Giving it a yellowish gray tint towards the corner and outer boundaries will make it look as if lit by a lamp.

The old version of the glow was just a blob of Tex with increasing transparency. Then they introduced something that glows on all sides, I hated it from the introduction (Railworks 1, I guess).
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