Yard Signalling

Yard Signalling

Postby SteveP_trains » Tue Jan 28, 2020 6:07 pm

Firstly, I'm using Andy's Signal Scripts and Demo signals for this route build and have no issues with them and indeed, managed some nice custom signals myself using these scripts. (With Andy's help :D)

The question comes about from trying to signal a yard for Player & AI movements or for simply allowing a loco to enter the yard which already has locos stationary there.
There used to be a Kuju Yard Entry/Exit signals which I believed simply "lost sight" of any loco passing it. I assume also that the Dispatcher also ignored things planned to enter past this signal (??)

So the question is:-
1) Is this Yard signal the right approach?? - would seem to make things nice & simple
2) Is there an AndyS signal/script that would do this?? - I'm aware of the "t" ID code that allows permissive line working but seems to be ignored by AI Dispatcher.
3) Is it better to just bite the bullet and signal every yard point?? - a pain and not very prototypical?

Am I missing something else??
Appreciate any advice.

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Re: Yard Signalling

Postby AndiS » Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:43 pm

I would be quite surprised if the AI would handle the Kuju yard signals any different than normal ones.

For all I know, it does not want to have two engines (with drivers, i.e., not dead) in the same block and block means track work between stop signals.
So if you want AI to allow several engines to move about, then you will have to do the work of signal placement.

With regard to the prototypical visuals, there is the red block called "AI-only stop signal" or so. I am not sure it comes in 1T and 2T versions, but it will be a doodle for you to create some.

Since you will have bi-directional running in those sidings, you will have to signal them for both directions, I'm afraid. I never experimented much with AI on half-signalled track work, so maybe if you just have junction signals on the facing point side and omit the 1Ts for the converging direction, AI will think that would do. Only AI can tell. :lol:

You may be able to save some work by cutting up the layout into blocks where each is occupied by one engine at a time. It depends on the yard. But if you take a motive depot, you will have a signal every few yards.
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Re: Yard Signalling

Postby Auscgu » Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:14 am

I have been working on GD1958 for quite some time and have created and invisible signal for just such situations.
I have taken a ground disc in my case they are semaphore signals.
Swapped the Geometry for another scenic item that is visible but quite subtle.
I place the pad mostly hidden under the ballast and level with the terrain but still visible as a location reference.
You need a reference in the scenic object for orientation, in our case one corner of the slab is missing.
The signal is still visible in the 2D map - <Stopping d:type="cDeltaString">eTrue</Stopping>
This helps with scenario checking to ensure the signal has cleared.
This will be important in yards as you will encounter Callon situations.

We have used them in platforms to split them for two train working.
Platform loco destination to allow a pilot engine to move to the platform.
Loco Depots and yards.

Careful though has to how a second or multiple engines would use the yards.
Generally you can divide in blocks with just the interface areas signaled with all the paths covered.
All the yard crossings are wrapped in both directions.
You will find most yards have and arrival and departure road which needs to be signaled form the yard.
Some times the arrival or departure needs to have some engine sidings for the second engine to shunt the train clear for the mainline loco to clear.
You will still have the player to AI issues but with a bit of planning and sequence scenarios achieve a realist yard operation.

We have trains shunting coaches into platforms with a player train loading passengers.
I have a pilot engine on and off and moving to a loco yard with the engines one behind the other.

Loco depot service turn and add to a pilot engine before departing to the platform for the train.
The new cab views allow you to view from both cabs and with the Hud feel like your driving both.

Invisible signals work and add so much more to Train Sim thanks to Andis
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Re: Yard Signalling

Postby SteveP_trains » Thu Feb 06, 2020 12:41 pm

Thanks for the reply Auscgu!
I decided to follow the path of the invisible signal just before your reply and have successfully signalled the yards as Andy suggested so the scenarios we have in mind seem to work ok now.
The usual method of hiding the signals below ground or putting some "foliage model" as the visible signal also didn't appeal from my past experience, so taking Andy's AI signals as a starter, the editor only signal was the best approach.
The 2D map is a little cluttered with so many signals now but the actual route look fine so am please with the results.

Andy - thanks for your reply also. very helpful as always :)


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