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  • UKTS Freeware Pack - UK Class 47
  • FP Cl47 ScotRail Red 47541 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 NSE O 47583 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 LLogo 47595 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 ScotRail 47708 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 LLogo 47467 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 LLogo 47572 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 ScotRail Red 47430 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 BR Blue 47402 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 ScotRail Red 47643 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 LLogo 47635 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 LLogo Blue 47580 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 LLogo 47645 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 LLogo 47120 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 NSE R 47714 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 ScotRail Red 47492 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 LLogo 47401 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 NSE O 47576 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 NSE R 47530 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 BR Blue 47615 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 NSE R 47521 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 NSE R 47716 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 BR Blue 47470 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 NSE R 47598 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 ScotRail Red 47642 (NAT)
  • FP Cl47 ScotRail Red 47637 (NAT)
Conditions of Use
Free to use in non-commercial projects only.
Editing / Modification: Allowed
Distribution with your project: Allowed
Credit the author: Not required
Guaranteed Availability: Yes. The author has waived the right to delete this upload
Custom Conditions: None

Version History
A full version history including the changes made in the most recent update is available on the UKTS Freeware Packs web site.

UKTrainSim Freeware Pack - UK Class 47
The UKTrainSim Freeware Project has a dedicated web site containing lots of information and resources. It can be found at

What's this all about?
The UKTrainSim Freeware Project is here to make your life easier. By collecting together freeware items and re-skins for RailWorks donated by the community into simple to download and install packs we hope to achieve the following core aims:

  • Free
  • Simple to install
  • Reliable resource for freeware developers
  • Significantly increase the amount of free content available
There are packs of assets, rolling stock, routes and scenarios and each one covers a particular theme. If you want to browse the available packs visit The Packs web page.

Super Fast Free Downloads for all using BitTorrents!
The packs can be downloaded for free from this site using your browser but once the available bandwidth is used up for the current calender month the downloads will only be possible via BitTorrent. We would love to have unlimited browser downloads but unfortunately bandwidth costs money. By using BitTorrents we can provide free downloads to as many people as possible.

For those unfamiliar with BitTorrents we have created a guide to downloading content from this web site using BitTorrents. All you need is a BitTorrent client (which is free!).

Where ever possible please use the BitTorrent download option.

Please do Seed (allow others to BitTorrent from you) once your BitTorrent download is complete.

What's in This Pack?
The best way to find out what is in this pack is to browse the gallery of each asset it contains.
LLogo 47120, Class 47,
LLogo 47401, Class 47,
BR Blue 47402, Class 47,
BR Blue 47407, Class 47,
ScotRail Red 47430, Class 47,
ScotRail Blue 47461, Class 47,
LLogo 47467, Class 47,
ScotRail Red 47469, Class 47,
BR Blue 47470, Class 47,
ScotRail Red 47492, Class 47,
ICExec 47515, Class 47,
NSE R 47521, Class 47,
NSE R 47530, Class 47,
ScotRail Red 47541, Class 47,
LLogo 47546 RW3, Class 47,
NSE R 47547, Class 47,
Red Star 47567, Class 47,
LLogo 47572, Class 47,
NSE O 47573, Class 47,
NSE R 47576, Class 47,
NSE O 47576, Class 47,
LLogo Blue 47579, Class 47,
LLogo Blue 47580, Class 47,
NSE O 47581, Class 47,
NSE O 47582, Class 47,
NSE O 47583, Class 47,
NSE R 47587, Class 47,
LLogo 47595, Class 47,
NSE R 47598, Class 47,
BR Blue 47615, Class 47,
BR Blue 47616, Class 47,
LLogo 47635, Class 47,
ScotRail Red 47637, Class 47,
ScotRail Red 47642, Class 47,
ScotRail Red 47643, Class 47,
LLogo 47645, Class 47,
ScotRail 47701, Class 47,
ScotRail 47704, Class 47,
ScotRail 47706, Class 47,
BR Blue 47707, Class 47,
ScotRail 47708, Class 47,
LLogo 47711, Class 47,
ScotRail 47711, Class 47,
LLogo 47712, Class 47,
ScotRail 47712, Class 47,
NSE R 47714, Class 47,

It goes without saying that the packs would not exist without the community coming together and supporting it. Many members of the community have offered words of encouragement, support, time, energy and much more.

Throughout the development of the Freeware Pack Project I have made every attempt to record the donations and support people have given. Please take a moment to acknowledge all the people who have helped by visiting the Credits page.

This pack contains donations from:
  • nattydredd
  • Image
How can I Get Involved
Full details of what you can do to help with the UKTrainSim Freeware Project are available on the Get Involved web page.

Licensing Conditions for Hosting Pack Downloads

The following conditions apply to anyone wishing to host the packs on an a site other than UKTrainSim:
  • Permission must be granted by UKTS before packs may be hosted on alternative sites
  • The download must be available for free
  • No profit may be made by offering the download
  • A link to the original UKTS download must be provided on the download page
  • The date and version number of the pack must be clearly given on the download page
  • You must email supplying a valid email address and link to the download - This ensures we can contact you (the host) when a new version is released making it easy for you to update your download
  • You must remove the download at the request of a UKTS Freeware Pack administrators
  • Hosting on alternative sites is at the discretion of UKTS Freeware Pack administrators
These conditions allow us to ensure users can obtain the pack freely and consistently. For the latest conditions visit

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