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  • UKTS Freeware Pack - CN Rolling Stock Pack #1
  • FP CN C64H 4200860 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C70 1550690 (RWSO)
  • FP CN B15E 7003206 (RWSO)
  • FP CN D15 5631501 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C64K 4862464 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C64T 4918449 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C64K 4865886 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C62AT 1412627 (RWSO)
  • FP CN D12 5631206 (RWSO)
  • FP CN B15E 7003552 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C64K 4888888 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C64T 4822429 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C70 1570783 (RWSO)
  • FP CN D10 5620986 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C62BT 4665977 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C80B 4378646 (RWSO)
  • FP CN B6 7002184 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C62AK 4520887 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C70 1580603 (RWSO)
  • FP CN B15E 7002016 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C70 1606140 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C61 4302305 (RWSO)
  • FP CN C70H 1504768 (RWSO)
  • FP CN D18G 5621893 (RWSO) (made of 3 parts - a,b,c)
  • FP CN C62AT 4506421 (RWSO)
Conditions of Use
Free to use in non-commercial projects only.
Editing / Modification: Allowed
Distribution with your project: Allowed
Credit the author: Not required
Guaranteed Availability: Yes. The author has waived the right to delete this upload
Custom Conditions: None

Version History
A full version history including the changes made in the most recent update is available on the UKTS Freeware Packs web site.

UKTrainSim Freeware Pack - CN Rolling Stock Pack #1
The UKTrainSim Freeware Project has a dedicated web site containing lots of information and resources. It can be found at

What's this all about?
The UKTrainSim Freeware Project is here to make your life easier. By collecting together freeware items and re-skins for RailWorks donated by the community into simple to download and install packs we hope to achieve the following core aims:

  • Free
  • Simple to install
  • Reliable resource for freeware developers
  • Significantly increase the amount of free content available
There are packs of assets, rolling stock, routes and scenarios and each one covers a particular theme. If you want to browse the available packs visit The Packs web page.

Super Fast Free Downloads for all using BitTorrents!
The packs can be downloaded for free from this site using your browser but once the available bandwidth is used up for the current calender month the downloads will only be possible via BitTorrent. We would love to have unlimited browser downloads but unfortunately bandwidth costs money. By using BitTorrents we can provide free downloads to as many people as possible.

For those unfamiliar with BitTorrents we have created a guide to downloading content from this web site using BitTorrents. All you need is a BitTorrent client (which is free!).

Where ever possible please use the BitTorrent download option.

Please do Seed (allow others to BitTorrent from you) once your BitTorrent download is complete.

What's in This Pack?
The best way to find out what is in this pack is to browse the gallery of each asset it contains.
B15E 7001596, Refrigerator Car,
B15E 7002016, Refrigerator Car,
B15E 7003206, Refrigerator Car,
B15E 7003552, Refrigerator Car,
B6 7002184, Refrigerator Car,
C61 4302305, Open Car / Hopper,
C62AK 4504533, Open Car / Hopper,
C62AK 4505637, Open Car / Hopper,
C62AK 4520887, Open Car / Hopper,
C62AT 1412627, Open Car / Hopper,
C62AT 4506421, Open Car / Hopper,
C62AT 4510703, Open Car / Hopper,
C62AT 4535258, Open Car / Hopper,
C62BK 1432401, Open Car / Hopper,
C62BK 4661582, Open Car / Hopper,
C62BK 4661609, Open Car / Hopper,
C62BK 4665293, Open Car / Hopper,
C62BT 4665977, Open Car / Hopper,
C64H 4200860, Open Car / Hopper,
C64H 4206908, Open Car / Hopper,
C64K 4862464, Open Car / Hopper,
C64K 4865886, Open Car / Hopper,
C64K 4888888, Open Car / Hopper,
C64T 4822429, Open Car / Hopper,
C64T 4918449, Open Car / Hopper,
C70 1550690, Open Car / Hopper,
C70 1570783, Open Car / Hopper,
C70 1580603, Open Car / Hopper,
C70 1606140, Open Car / Hopper,
C70H 1504768, Open Car / Hopper,
C80B 4378646, Open Car / Hopper,
C80B 4390615, Open Car / Hopper,
D10 5620986, Large Flat Car,
D11 0310203, Large Flat Car,
D12 5631206, Large Flat Car,
D15 5631501, Large Flat Car,
D18G 5621893a, Large Flat Car,
D18G 5621893b, Large Flat Car,
D18G 5621893c, Large Flat Car,
D22 5621225, Large Flat Car,
D22A 5641202, Large Flat Car,
D22GM 5621264, Large Flat Car,
D26 0613051a, Large Flat Car,
D26 0613051b, Large Flat Car,
D26 0613051c, Large Flat Car,
D26B 0712895a, Large Flat Car,
D26B 0712895b, Large Flat Car,
D26B 0712895c, Large Flat Car,
D28 0712900a, Large Flat Car,
D28 0712900b, Large Flat Car,
D28 0712900c, Large Flat Car,
D30G 5623702a, Large Flat Car,
D30G 5623702b, Large Flat Car,
D30G 5623702c, Large Flat Car,
D32A 5633200a, Large Flat Car,
D32A 5633200b, Large Flat Car,
D32A 5633200c, Large Flat Car,
D38 5623800a, Large Flat Car,
D38 5623800b, Large Flat Car,
D38 5623800b Load, Large Flat Car,
D38 5623800c, Large Flat Car,
D45 5624500a, Large Flat Car,
D45 5624500b, Large Flat Car,
D45 5624500c, Large Flat Car,
DF4D Blue, DF4D Diesel Locomotive,
DF4D Green, DF4D Diesel Locomotive,
DF4D Mao 1893, DF4D Diesel Locomotive,
DF4D Red, DF4D Diesel Locomotive,
G11J 0643619, Tank Car,
G17 0311218, Tank Car,
G17 0988403, Tank Car,
G17DT 6103798, Tank Car,
G17K 6094431, Tank Car,
G60 0253383, Tank Car,
G60 0315109, Tank Car,
G60 0315115, Tank Car,
G60 0315725, Tank Car,
G60 0632050, Tank Car,
G60 6225018, Tank Car,
G60K 0611610, Tank Car,
G60K 6222683, Tank Car,
G60K 6230011, Tank Car,
G60K 6231080, Tank Car,
G60K 6237202, Tank Car,
G70K 6270399, Tank Car,
G70K 6273148, Tank Car,
G70K 6275575, Tank Car,
G70K 6278726, Tank Car,
G70K 6283508, Tank Car,
G70T 6273683, Tank Car,
G70T 6281615, Tank Car,
G70T 6282321, Tank Car,
G70T 6282505, Tank Car,
G75K 6500063, Tank Car,
GL 0253416, Tank Car,
GL70 0910372, Tank Car,
GL70 0910373, Tank Car,
GQ70 0553816, Tank Car,
GS 0653405, Tank Car,
GY 0210540, Tank Car,
J5SQ 8011320, Auto Rack Car,
JSQ5 7300882, Auto Rack Car,
K14K 0643746, Mine Hopper,
K18 0624008, Mine Hopper,
N17AK 5068247, Flat Car,
N17AK 5068247 TruckS, Flat Car,
N17AK 5068247 TruckT, Flat Car,
N17GK 5051981, Flat Car,
N17K 5041461, Flat Car,
N17K 5041461 TruckS, Flat Car,
N17K 5041461 TruckT, Flat Car,
NX17BK 5283246, Flat Car,
NX17BK 5283246 CableD, Flat Car,
NX17BK 5283246 TruckS, Flat Car,
NX17BK 5283246 TruckT, Flat Car,
NX17BT 5280809, Flat Car,
NX17BT 5281976, Flat Car,
NX17K 5274737, Flat Car,
NX17K 5274737 TruckS, Flat Car,
NX17K 5274737 TruckT, Flat Car,
NX17K 5275458, Flat Car,
NX17T 5265748, Flat Car,
NX70 5450033, Flat Car,
NX70 5451706, Flat Car,
NX70A 5480771, Flat Car,
P62K 3105852, Box Car,
P62K 3111751, Box Car,
P62NK 3103080, Box Car,
P64GK 3461891, Box Car,
P64GK 3471087, Box Car,
P64K 3407111, Box Car,
P65 3502833, Box Car,
P65 3503116, Box Car,
P70 3800357, Box Car,
P70H 3760001, Box Car,
PB 7700021, Box Car,
PB 7700851, Box Car,
S12 Caboose, Caboose,
T53 0310181, Special Car,
T6DK 8066200, Special Car,
U60 8045525, Cement Hopper,
W5SK 8001302, Toxic Chemicals Car,
X1K 5300137, Container Car,
X1K 5300169, Container Car,
X1K 5300444, Container Car,
X1K 5300713, Container Car,
X1K 5300813, Container Car,
X1K 5301089, Container Car,
X1K 5301152, Container Car,
X2H 5420018, Container Car,
X2H 5420024, Container Car,
X2H 5420036, Container Car,
X2H 5420069, Container Car,
X2H 5420077, Container Car,
X2K 5400004, Container Car,
X2K 5400061, Container Car,
X2K 5400270, Container Car,
X2K 5400322, Container Car,
X3K 5440062, Container Car,
X4K 5700019, Container Car,
X4K 5700039, Container Car,
X4K 5700082, Container Car,
X4K 5700103, Container Car,
X4K 5700134, Container Car,
X4K 5700155, Container Car,
X4K 5700203, Container Car,
X4K 5700232, Container Car,
X4K 5700238, Container Car,
X4K 5700247, Container Car,
X4K 5700263, Container Car,
X4K 5700300, Container Car,
X6A 5202549, Container Car,
X6A 5202626, Container Car,
X6BK 5250573, Container Car,
X6BK 5251319, Container Car,
X6CK 5260000, Container Car,
X6CK 5260011, Container Car,
X6CT 5260014, Container Car,
X6K 5220033, Container Car,
X6K 5220480, Container Car,
X6K 5220750, Container Car,
X6K 5221697, Container Car,
X6K 5221742, Container Car,
YZ22 338503, Passenger Carriage,
YZ22B 334318, Passenger Carriage,
YZ22B 337950, Passenger Carriage,
YZ22B 338865, Passenger Carriage,
YZ22B 340868, Passenger Carriage,
YZ22B 340893, Passenger Carriage,
YZ22B 341727, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25A 339538, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25A 339564, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25B 344616, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25B 346291, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25B 346505, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25B 347403, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25B 347593, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25B 348525, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25B 350184, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030070, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030234, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030255, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030270, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030302, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030345, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030354, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030840, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 030849, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 341971, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 342942, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 343938, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 343966, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 344160, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 344500, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 344982, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 347664, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 347902, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 348942, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 349961, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 350477, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 350484, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 350541, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 350593, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 350600, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 352787, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 352852, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25G 353105, Passenger Carriage,
YZ25K 345667, Passenger Carriage

It goes without saying that the packs would not exist without the community coming together and supporting it. Many members of the community have offered words of encouragement, support, time, energy and much more.

Throughout the development of the Freeware Pack Project I have made every attempt to record the donations and support people have given. Please take a moment to acknowledge all the people who have helped by visiting the Credits page.

This pack contains donations from:
  • Airy1982
  • cathay808
  • CAMZ
  • China RWSO Team
  • JinJin
  • RISC Team
  • ShangHai Railway Bureau HangZhou Depot DongFeng 5
  • zhubuntu

How can I Get Involved
Full details of what you can do to help with the UKTrainSim Freeware Project are available on the Get Involved web page.

Licensing Conditions for Hosting Pack Downloads
The following conditions apply to anyone wishing to host the packs on an a site other than UKTrainSim:
  • Permission must be granted by UKTS before packs may be hosted on alternative sites
  • The download must be available for free
  • No profit may be made by offering the download
  • A link to the original UKTS download must be provided on the download page
  • The date and version number of the pack must be clearly given on the download page
  • You must email supplying a valid email address and link to the download - This ensures we can contact you (the host) when a new version is released making it easy for you to update your download
  • You must remove the download at the request of a UKTS Freeware Pack administrators
  • Hosting on alternative sites is at the discretion of UKTS Freeware Pack administrators

These conditions allow us to ensure users can obtain the pack freely and consistently. For the latest conditions visit

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